Service Details

De-scaling of hot water cylinders

Herts Enviro Services (HES) provides de-scaling services for hot water cylinders to clients in the public, private, and commercial sectors. This service involves the removal of scale and other deposits that accumulate over time, reducing the efficiency of the hot water cylinder and increasing the risk of failure. HES’s expert employees use specialized equipment and chemicals to carry out the de-scaling process, ensuring that all areas of the cylinder are thoroughly cleaned and free of any harmful substances. By using de-scaling services, HES ensures that the hot water cylinder operates at peak efficiency, reducing energy consumption and minimizing the risk of breakdowns. This service is particularly important for hot water cylinders in areas with hard water, where the accumulation of scale can reduce the efficiency of the cylinder, increasing energy costs and the risk of failure. HES’s de-scaling services help clients maintain the efficiency and longevity of their hot water cylinders, reducing the risk of breakdowns and ensuring compliance with industry standards.

Why Choose Our Services

At Herts Enviro Services (HES), we pride ourselves on our expertise and experience in all aspects of water treatment. Our team of expert employees is highly knowledgeable in closed water system surveys, analysis, and reports, disinfections (BSI), closed system flushing and chemical cleaning of new and existing systems (BSRIA standards), acid descaling of boilers, heat exchangers and associated pipework, descaling of hot water systems, cold water and hot water storage tank cleans, ongoing maintenance, planned preventative maintenance, boiler repair, and installation. We use only the highest quality materials and equipment, ensuring that our clients receive the best possible service.